Anothen Entry Level

Learn the basic foundations required to Think how heaven thinks.


*pricing and options will be determined during your free consultation.



What you get:

Learn the basic foundations required to Think how heaven thinks.

  • 2 x 1.25-hour calls with an Anothen CSO
  • Daily email connection with an Anothen CSO for one-month.
THINK Basics:
  • Receive one on one consultancy input to kick start your spiritual growth
  • Learn how to listen to Holy Spirit through the journaling process
  • Develop a basic framework for daily listening techniques


Pastor Mark Appleyard writes a very straightforward, to the point, but challenging book, that will make you re-think how you operate in your work and indeed your private or homely environment. In fact, this compartmentalized approach to life, which seems so natural to most of us, is actually a great inhibitor to allowing us to access our full, divinely given potential, and release it for the benefit of not only us, but for everybody we encounter. Useful tools are there to help guide us and are unique to Mark’s work.

These will be helpful to anybody, especially to all of us in business who have a tendency to apply one set of rules to operate in one artificial compartment of life, say your private life and one set in your business life.

United Kingdom – Entrepreneur/Investor


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