Bronze Lion: 3 Month

The Bronze Lion package gives you access to one of our skilled CSO’s for 3 months.  You will receive 6 X 1.25-hour calls and daily email connection.  They are equipped and are standing by TODAY to help you breakthrough to new Spiritual thinking and to learn a fresh Spiritual language for a new season.


*pricing and options will be determined during your free consultation.



Learn the basic foundations required to Think how heaven thinks, and then build on those to establish an intentional rhythm to leverage your identity for Kingdom impact.

Encountering heaven’s mindset.

THINK Intermediate
  • Receive one on one consultancy input to kick start your spiritual growth
  • Learn how to listen to Holy Spirit through the journaling process
  • Develop a basic framework for daily listening techniques
  • Learn how to ask the right questions to build spiritual wisdom
  • Learn to leverage your identity
  • Unpack the DPR paradigm and find your identity breakthrough areas
  • Our skilled CSO’s are equipped and are standing by TODAY to help you to breakthrough to new spiritual thinking.
You will receive:
  • 6 x 1.25-hour calls with an Anothen CSO
  • Daily email connection with an Anothen CSO for three months.


Mark Appleyard is a friend, a man of faith and grace. He is humble and unafraid. It’s this combination that has given him great access to Heavens perspective. Think, Speak, Live is a clearly written directive for living out the mandate Jesus gave us, “On earth as it is in heaven.”

Mark is concise and generous in his teaching. Like all great communicators, he balances story with application. Think, Speak, Live, is both an impartation and a practical step by step instruction. While the book is directed toward business leaders, every believer would benefit from the wisdom in its pages. If you desire to know better how God thinks and speaks, if your passion is to live His kingdom come, I recommend this book.

Author and Director of A Faith and Family Organization


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