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"A post-Covid world reveals leaders must adapt to an inclusive, agile modality to survive in today’s global context. The critical moment of TRANSITION is here—a new pathway is needed. A Leadership REFORMATION is upon us!"

Mark Appleyard

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Spiritual Leadership That Works is Agile When Fully Activated.


The Pathfinder

The experience of becoming a Reformation Leader requires the guidance of an experienced Pathfinder. A pathfinder is a spiritual leadership specialist. The path to Leadership Reformation can be hard to find and lonely, and unforeseen obstacles can easily derail the process.

Our pathway to Reformation is one we have refined, so you can confidently walk with us as your companion through the transition process of transformation—our Pathfinders are here to help blaze that path before you.

The Process


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  • To WALK with you through reforming the skills and systems pathways that will catalyze your leadership and business to be perpetually agile in a rapidly changing global context.
  • Who is REFINING your ability to hear Heaven’s perspective with great clarity in a unique and specific way to your leadership and business and ensures your business remains necessary in your city.
  • Teaching you to ENGAGE your staff in meaningful ways to draw out their unique potential and contribution to help improve your business and build a culture of belonging.

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Build A Pathway to Reformation

You are a business leader because you THINK creatively. Yet we all become conditioned by the demands and pressures of our environment.

Building a Pathway to Reformation involves a new way of thinking.

What you SPEAK is what you create. Releasing Heaven’s language is essential to express your business story in contemporary society.

Building a Pathway to Reformation involves a new way of speaking.

How you LIVE publicly and privately provides the needed clarity for others to follow. Living in alignment with values and behavior produces integrity.

Building a Pathway to Reformation involves a new way of living.

Gain Reformation mastery

If you are a start up and you want to start right, then designing a Pathway to Reformation from the IDEATION phase is your best foundation to grow.

Building a Pathway to Reformation involves ideation that is agile.

Businesses that remain stagnant quickly move towards market irrelevance. Reformation of identity will recalibrate you for market MATURITY.

Building a Pathway to Reformation involves identity that is accurate.

Moving from maturity to market MASTERY requires contribution from the whole business organism and takes commitment to discipline that few discover.

Building a Pathway to Reformation involves a robust culture of honesty .

We Offer Several Pathways To Get Your Spiritual Leadership Working.

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