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Puzzles are something I’ve always enjoyed doing–figuring out where the pieces fit, taking something that’s chaotic on the surface and bringing order, and even beauty, with the end always in mind. Whether a grand or at least a tidy “finish”, I get a deep sense of satisfaction for that short second I’ve created something or brought something back into order. For in that second the world feels whole and beautiful again . . . sigh. I think I get that from Papa God. I am made in His image after all. Like when He divided the darkness with the light and called them night and day, or when He created a myriad of animals, plants, and even us. How satisfied He must have felt that He created a system of life that worked together in perfect harmony and real personal connection–a beautiful, intricately designed, fully functioning world of innumerable systems, beautiful, amazing life!

Ok, so why am I talking about this? It became clear to me recently (well, this morning) that I spend my time figuring out complex situations with one purpose in mind, to bring order and peace to chaos. What also occurred to me is that when my goal is to create a picture that is in order, that is whole, I’m not factoring in the complete and utter truth that this life (on earth, as we know it this side of Heaven, after the fall) is not going to be whole or complete (ever). Hmmm, that sounds wretchedly disappointing. Even so, it is the truth. It remains a wretchedly disappointing truth, only if I don’t find His beautiful gold thread being woven right in the midst of the chaos. It can be wretchedly disappointing If I don’t see my smaller puzzles and how they fit into the bigger puzzle around me; Wretchedly disappointing if I also believe I am alone and it is up to me to assemble and beautify the puzzle, the chaos, the dysfunction all by myself. Yes, wretchedly disappointing!

But wait!  What if… just what if we were to start seeing the struggles of messed up puzzles a different way? What if the messed up puzzles of spilled milk, the password not working again, the deal lost, surgery next week, blood levels off, that idiotic boss, to promotions delayed, are a puzzle Papa God is working on with us? It’s not a punishment, it’s not designed to see how we handle this next mess or if are we man or woman enough. But rather, in a world marked by disorder and chaos (after the fall) the same loving God, who made the picture beautiful to begin with says, “I’m here, together we’ll do it, trust Me, we will make sense of it together, because I love you and I won’t leave you. And together we will figure out those pieces–together!” A Papa God who says I will be there in the frustrations, the rejection, the betrayal, the tragedy, the pain, the beauty, life, hope, every sunrise, and love. I will be there with you… together!

And in the end, the puzzle will fit together again in beauty, peace, perfect harmony because He can take every seemingly random small frustration to the call no one wants to get and He can weave them into something amazing and beautiful with us… together.

So right now, breathe! Thank Him for the mess that is right in front of you and ask Him, “Do I sit and wait here or do I look for the piece You are highlighting and go there?” The key is together, because He loves you and He will make beauty out of ashes with you–together! No matter the mess whether you’ve help create it or not, He will make beauty of ashes with you… together.

So today, stop, trust Him, thank Him and see… together!


Get your FREE ONE HOUR Anothen Consultation today!

Jeremiah 29:11
Romans 8:28
Isaiah 61:3


Barbara E Hogan lives by dream, strategize, and implement! Owner of Timbelo, a WBENC/WOSB certified product acquisition VAR, and partner with Afidence, an IT Consulting company, both headquartered in Ohio. After co-launching Afidence 7 years ago with her business partner and husband, Barbara remains passionate about business strategy and culture. She believes Kingdom values woven into life whether business or home will result in value being realized. As she likes to say, Einstein said, “It is better to not to strive to be a success, but of value.” On a personal note, Barbara is also a Sr. Chaplain and lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and business partner of 24 years, Bryan Hogan. Their family includes three amazing children, an incredible daughter-in-law and son-in-law, and three ultra-amazing grandchildren! Ministering for over 15 years, Barbara has held the office as a Women’s Director, Women’s Bible Study Teacher, Prophetic Director, and Lead Intercessor in the local Healing Rooms. She also earned her Healing Practitioner’s Certification through Global Awakening.

Recognition: Personally, Barbara was the 2016 recipient of the Esprit de Corps Award through the MADE Chamber and in 2015, was named a Cincinnati Woman of Influence. In 2016, Afidence was recognized as the Best IT Services Company in Dayton, named among the Top 25 Consulting Firms in Cincinnati, Ohio, was an honored recipient of the Goering Center Family & Private Business Award, and named as an Inc. 5000 Company.

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