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Why do most people dislike change? This is just one of those questions that has puzzled me over the years. Working with clients on their change initiatives, it is one of the most used arguments for resistance. It would seem that most people don’t want to let go of their comfortable chair just for the promise of an upgrade! Personally, I would start dreaming about the promise of an upgrade first, then I would use my imagination to make a picture of the benefits. This contrast of approach got me thinking, “Why do people say that they want to attain predictable results but then they do not want to endure the necessary effort (process) that will achieve them?”

It is probably due to our human nature that we have the need to see things first before we grab the opportunity. Just propelling words out there is not enough. We have to envision or sense it for ourselves first. We need clarity about purpose and direction to be convinced. As the saying goes, “seeing is believing”.

Reading through Scripture my attention has been drawn to the correlation between the words ‘hope’ and ‘joy’. In Hebrews 12 the author and marketplace leader Priscilla explained that Jesus ‘endured the cross for the joy set before Him’. His heart was filled with so much joy in just knowing that you would one day be His. This expected outcome motivated and enabled Jesus to stay on course and fulfil what He had set out to do. It gave Him a desire, an unsatisfied longing for the result. This hunger was His drive to persevere ALL the contradiction, opposition and shame that came against Him.

“Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” – Romans 15:13

Paul finished his letter to the Romans with this declaration. He pointed out to us that God wants to give you everything that is required for you to fulfil your given assignment; excitement, provision, knowing, sight and power. The keyword in this quote is the word ‘joy’. Joy is a beautiful gift of the Spirit. Gifts of the Spirit are given to us to be able to live our lives in abundance, to bless our loved ones and those around us, those within our sphere of influence.

Joy is to be manifested through us which will silence the voices of cynicism. It creates the zeal to engage with our passions and be authentic in engaging with others.

Joy is a powerful force, it is attractive and invites people in. It is the catalyst to creating the atmosphere of hope, which is needed for change to happen.

We are given a commission to disciple nations, bring them under the authority of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and influence the people with everything Jesus has assigned us to do. What makes us different is the source of our joy; our God given joy, which is the fragrance of Christ. It will attract people and stir up their own passions that God has already placed deep within them. It will stir up hunger for the life God has available for each one of us. A life which is in perfect harmony with our divine design. A life which is not conformed to this world but aligned with our God given passions.

I invite you to be loyal to your passion and ask the Holy Spirit to release His Joy again, to revive your passions, to redeem you dreams, to see the hope before you.

In Proverbs 16 God promises He will use it for your next step in leading people into change.


Get your FREE ONE HOUR Anothen Consultation today!


Arjan Visser is an experienced catalyst of change, a creative thinker and entrepreneur who is passionate about problem solving. He strongly believes that the first step to ‘transformation of the marketplace’ is to unlock the creativity in individuals and organizations. As a business revivalist, he has consulted for a wide range of clients across the world, including the government of Canada, Dutch Defense, ADW Agro, SAP AG, faith-based organizations and sporting associations.

Arjan and his wife, Sascha, have been married for more than 20 years. Their purpose in life is to help millions of people to believe in and utilize their God given abilities to influence leaders of businesses and nations and to provide them with the environment and resources to gain the confidence, certainty and personal power to achieve their life’s purpose and goals.

Together they run a series of start-ups in which they aim to transform businesses, government and education. Their time is spent enabling them to experience freedom in creativity and identity using tools like the business model innovation and LEGO® Serious Play®.

They are raising three young ‘world changer’ sons at home, nearby Maastricht in The Netherlands and are thrilled to be part of the Anothen journey.


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